The News Agency World Council (NACO)

The News Agency World Council (NACO) is responsible, in collaboration with the hosting news agency, for the structure of, and the program for, the forthcoming Congress. At least two meetings of NACO are held between Congresses. The NACO consists of the following members and is formed on the basis of the following principles:

A) Board members are the current President, the two previous Presidents, the Secretary General and the Chairman of the organizing committee of the upcoming Congress.

B) All news agencies are represented in the Council by their regional associations, currently; FANA, EANA, OANA, LANA and Alliance of CIS Agencies. An overlap of representation of news agencies should be avoided. The two world agencies AP and Thomson Reuters, not being member of a regional association, may represent themselves. Agencies not covered by the above may be invited to attend by the Secretary General or the President or can be represented by the Secretary General himself.

C) The NACO is free to co-opt any person to the Council who is willing to support the work of the Council.

D) The host of the forthcoming Congress can invite specific persons to be members of working groups between Councils. The hosting news agency and the Council of the latest Congress will support the work for the next Congress to the best of their ability.

E) The presidency of the NAWC is held by the hosting agency of the latest Congress, beginning from the end of that Congress and ending at the end of the following Congress.

F) The NACO can decide to appoint a Secretary General to assist the Presidency. The position of Secretary General is unpaid, but the Secretary General’s expenditures related to meetings and preparations (flight, hotels, meals, taxis and agreed expenses) are covered by the agency holding the Presidency of NACO.