Last Planning Meeting for 6-th NAWC Held in Sofia, Bulgaria BTA, Mar 7, 2019

Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 09:30

Last Planning Meeting for 6-th NAWC Held in Sofia, Bulgaria

BTA, Mar 7, 2019

A very successful last planning meeting for the forthcoming 6-th World Congress of the news agencies (NAWC) was held at BTA in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Mar 7, 2019.

The meeting was attended by members of the World Council of the Congress (NACO):

Maxim Minchev, Director General of BTA and Secretary General of NACO and host of the forthcoming World congress;

Clive Marshall, CEO of PA Group and President of NACO;

Louise Irwin of PA Group;

Mikhail Gusman, First Deputy Director General of TASS and Vice President of NACO;

Aslan Aslanov, Director General of Azertac and current President of NAWC;

Vugar Aliyev of Azertac;

Farid Ayar of F.A.N.A.;

Alex Jiboi, Secretary General of EANA;

Sheikh Mubarak, President and Director General of KUNA, Kuwait;

Isam Al Roayah, of KUNA, Kuwait;

Peter Kropsch, CEO of DPA, President of EANA (via Skype);

Anna Johnson of AP (via Skype).


Approval of the minutes done by Louise Irwin after the previous planning meeting in London was made and some of the questions arisen in the meantime were discussed. Apologies for not attending on the part of Abdulla bin Fahad Al-Hussain, President of SPA (Saudi Arabia) and Jose Manuel Sanz, Director of International Affairs at EFE, Spain, were heard.


Mr. Minchev reported on the progress being made: the website of the Congress is functioning; letters of invitation and registration forms have been sent to more than 150 agencies with registration confirmed by 50 journalists from agencies of 28 countries; another 20 countries have confirmed receipts of invitation. Progress is underway as far as key speakers for the four main workshops are almost all confirmed. A list of the top professionals to speak at the Congress will be put on the site as soon as their names  are 100% confirmed.


The languages of the conference were also decided upon.


At the end of the meeting the representatives of Morocco  (Khalil Hachimi Idrissi,   Director General of  Morocco News Agency (MAP)  and Rachid Tijani of MAP) were invited to present their candidacy for the 2022 Congress hosting. There also was another candidacy offered in a written form by the United  Arab Emirates (UAE).


The final decision concerning the place of the 2022 Congress will be taken through voting in June, on the final day of this year's  Congress.