The Association of Bulgarian Media Abroad (ABMA) is a nonprofit organization that unites Bulgarian media and journalists from all over the world.

ABMA was established in 2006, following the First World Meeting of Bulgarian Media, organized by the BTA in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A top priority for ABMA is the professional integration of Bulgarian journalists, as well as expanding the educational, cultural and informational exchange between Bulgaria and the Bulgarian communities abroad.

ABMA’s main activities include organizing forums, conferences, congresses, seminaries, information and know-how exchanges and supporting Bulgarian journalists everywhere.

The largest-scale project of ABMA to date has been the organization of the annual World Meetings of Bulgarian Media that traditionally attract notable figures from leading Bulgarian media around the world. The forum is also attended by Bulgarian statesmen, politicians, business representatives, experts, intellectuals. The Meetings organized since 2005 have been events of national importance, considerable social effect and publicity.