About BTA

The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) is the national information agency of Bulgaria with a 120-year tradition of producing objective and reliable news. BTA remains a news market leader because it keeps abreast of the advancement of Bulgarian society, and because it performs up to the standards of its place and time. The Agency strictly observes the rigorous professional principles of objectivity, accuracy and integrity of its news services from and for Bulgaria, the Balkans and the world. Our news and images feed is an essential information source for the print and electronic media, for government institutions and NGOs of Bulgaria.

BTA is an independent national news organization, whose Director General is elected by Parliament. The law guarantees the Agency’s independent editorial policy and safeguards it against attempts at economic and political influence.

BTA boasts a wide network of partners around the globe. Bulgaria’s national news agency is a member of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) and a founding member of the Association of the Balkan news Agencies (ABNA) and the Black Sea Association of National News Agencies (BSANNA). The Agency has agreements on information exchange and cooperation with the biggest world news agencies, as well as with the national agencies of 40 countries.